PerryYou might lose data unexpectedly for various reasons; it could be power failure, virus, human error, hard drive crash or natural disaster. Whatever the reason is, your data is very important and you will incur great loss if you lost it altogether. The best thing to do is to be properly prepared for such unexpected circumstances. You should always have real time backup; having more than one backup is even better. But if you haven’t done that and you lose data, there are some very good data recovery tools that can help you recover your data.

KM Tool is a software that allows users to recover and backup their computer data. The tool is very easy to install and the process of recovering data is quite simple. This tool can dig deeper to recover the data lost. KM Tool can be used to recover large scale of data. You can use this tool to recover files of any format including word, images, etc. It has an average data recovery percentage of 97%. So, choose KMTool as your ultimate data recovery solution.