How to better organize your data


With the volume of data increasing at a fast rate, it is very important to organize your data in order to keep track of it. The older files you have, documents in those folders tend to be more disorganized. Here are some tips that can help you organize your data.

1. Cleaning

You should find duplicate files in your computer. You may have stored files twice on different locations or have downloaded the same file multiple times. You can use a file cleaning app to scan your folders for duplicate content and delete the duplicate ones. You then need to clean your system’s cache. As your computer runs, many small temporary files are created. If you clean these files then your computer will work faster. Have a look at your downloads folder and remove all the unnecessary files. If there are programs that you don’t use, delete them.

2. Sorting

If you have duplicate folders then merge them. You should have a separate folder for photos. You can use cloud storage devices to store your photos also. Move your documents to the documents folder, songs to a music folder and videos to a videos folder.

3. Getting organized

You should make a nest of folders and sub-folders. You should download new files to the Downloads folder. Whenever you create a new file, organize it. Create back up regularly so that you don’t lose any data. You can use cloud storage devices such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


Using these steps you can easily organize your data. Always try to keep files organized and in proper folders as soon as they are created. This way you won’t have to spend too much time on organizing the files later.